About The Force Expansive, and of course Me

first pair of glasses, favorite earrings,
new haircut - yay!
I started The Force Expansive in February 2008, who knows why really, except that I thought it was fun.  Since then it's been my place to scribble whatever I'm thinking, and has also been the place where I told the story, for example, of my husband's lymphoma in 2009 (all better now, thanks) and the loss of our beloved dog, Jasper, in March of 2011.  It's been the place where I work out my highs and lows, and say whatever it is I need to say, thick and thin, all of it. 

It's pretty much my favorite thing, a time I look forward to every day. The place where I am my most public about my most private.

Pretty much anything you want to know about me you will find here.  I could make you the usual list -- writer, beekeeper, animal lover, mother, yogini, wife, wannabe farmer -- but that's so much less than what I feel like.  

And what I feel like is what I write about, day in, day out, figuring my way in and out of things, expressing all of my deep and joyful reverence for this goofy life we get to lead, each of us on our own and yet never, ever apart.  Crazy, right?

If you like what you read, please comment and share.  It makes me super-happy when I tell a story I think is my story and then someone tells me I've really told theirs.  That's the best thing ever.  Really.  I mean it.

Big love to you, always.