Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Huge Ackman

"Huge Ackman" is what Joe heard the first time he heard the name "Hugh Jackman." This cracks me up to no end, and reminds me how much I love errors and mispronunciation -- probably the kinder-gentler flip-side of my tendency to mentally red-pencil people as they speak. I think Joe *used* to think my tendency to giggle insanely about these things was mean -- but I hope he by now knows, twenty years later, that it's really just that these goofs tickle a part of my brain triggering the laugh response. Can't help it.

I still crack up about "anorka" (instead of "anorak," that one kills me), which happened at least 15 years ago if not longer, and am also fond of my own slip on the word "awry," which I pronounced "awe-ree" since that felt onomatopoeic -- the very word itself gone wrong.

And then of course there's all the classic weird English in translation, of which one of my favorites is not from a distant land, but from far away Mill Valley. On the menu at The Cantina, it is possible to order a dish which features "chunks offender pork."

Anyway, if you see me today and I'm snickering to myself, you'll know why. It's that damn Huge Ackman - just can't get him out of my head!

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Martine said...

I am always proffing TA's emails. And slicing chesse. And hopping (yes!) that he understands my giggling...