Wednesday, August 4, 2010

No Sex for Bigots

Today was a huge day for the San Francisco Bay Area, for California and for the nation as a whole.  A federal judge ruled the ridiculous Proposition 8, banning gay marriage, unconstitutional.  A big victory for equality and for civil rights!

Naturally I got my news from Facebook where friend after friend posted a celebratory Status, linked to news stories in the national press.  Universally, the message was similar to what one friend wrote, "Take that, haters!"

The busy traffic on Facebook, particularly some of the responses to my friend's above "haters" Status got me thinking about tolerance, about its limits.  I'm re-printing below [name omitted to protect the innocent bigoted] one individual's various responses to the dialogue that ensued.  Apologies in advance if this offends or saddens you.  Believe me, I've been there, too.
I'm not a hater... Nor am I anti-gay. I am PRO-DEMOCRACY, and when the majority gets over ruled by the liberal bleeding hearts, it makes me kinda sad to see our country wasting away...
Well, all I can say is, try to explain homosexual marriage to your 11 year old! Maybe, cause you're gay, you'll never HAVE a legitimate 11 year old. But, put yourself I'm my shoes for a minute... This has NOTHING to do with slavery... No one has forced the homosexuals to love their same sex. This is NOT like women being regarded as second class!
Actually, I never "decided" to be heterosexual. I just followed the course of nature. The reality is that sexuality is generally based on the need to propagate the species.

I agree that humans, based on their warped egotistical needs, should be able to partner with whomever they wish. (Barring pedophilia that is) but to ordain it as marriage??? Come on! Get real. Marriage is and always has been the union of man and woman. The union of course, for procreation.
Not for some side alley, turkey baster bastard son who will be raised without a true father or mother.  
Wow, I had so many reactions to this. I responded at one point, something about marriage being about LOVE, dummy, and therefore super-easy to explain to an 11 year old. But mostly I sat back as this guy added more and more words, more and more clearly hater, clearly anti-gay rhetoric.

And GROSS, marriage is about procreation, the need to propagate? What a total turn-off, buddy.  Way to love on your wife.

Then I Googled him.  How sad to find that he's a Deputy Marin County Sheriff. I have a mind to call his boss.  Sensitivity training much?

After which I heard from my friend who referred to this guy as a "waste of skin," and related some of his pecadillos, altogether not surprising but still disgustingly hypocritical.

It's such a public world now.  We have so many opinions and so many platforms on which to share them,  hence my thinking about tolerance, thanks to this friend of a friend.  Is it necessary to tolerate meanness, hatred, bigotry?  I suppose it's necessary to tolerate ignorance, to work diligently and lovingly to bringing that person to greater insight.  And yet I'm struck by my own reactions.  Which are that he should be immediately unFriended by my gorgeous, smart friend, and indeed by ALL women of his FB acquaintance.  He should be shunned.

Further, there should be utterly no sex for people like him.

That's really what I think.  If you have such narrow, fucked up ideas about sexuality (it's not about procreation, it's about PLEASURE), then sex shouldn't be wasted on you.

I know, I know, this is not the most yogic post I've ever written, but I'm sad and mad, especially today, on this great day, that such annoying idiotic bigotry survives in AN OFFICER OF THE PEACE.  So I'm having a moment.

Really, no sex for bigots.  They don't deserve it.

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