Saturday, October 2, 2010

Deliciousness I'm crazy about...

Thanks to the good people at Yoga of Sausalito, I have a new favorite thing: Wild & Free Body Balm from Bodhichitta Botanicals, a delicious combination of patchouli and sweet orange that I just can't leave the house without. I'd been putting this balm on as I was signing in at the studio for class, then re-applying again before heading out after class, so finally bought some for home-use recently. And then bought the Lotion, too. Love!

And also love their website, which includes this image and Petit Prince quote. If they had a Facebook page, I'd Fan them, Like them, for sure. Just so happy with everything about the product, from smell to the packaging.

Much as I love to support my local retail outlet, I also wanted to share that if you shop direct this month, Bodhichitta is offering a 20% discount through 10/31/10.


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