Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Day 12, Bormio, and I am not a nice person

It feels like we have been on vacation for a long time, which I suppose really is true as Day 12 winds to a close. There have been many adventures along the way. Some highlights:

- crossing over the Alpes from Bourg d'Oisans to Bolzano: an epic drive (5 hours, HAH);

- the charming town of Bolzano on a Friday night, the streets packed with people, illuminated so that it looked like a movie set: completely unreal;

- the Ice Man exhibit in Bolzano and being able to view the mummy a second time, longer, without the crowds;

- riding bikes around Bolzano with Joe;

- going to Venice on Monday by train with Joe and Pete, stumbling around in a daze and wondering whether Italians can possibly say No to any decorative element (as for churches, so for clothes);

- coming over the Stelvio Pass yesterday to Bormio, a charming town in a high Alpine valley.

That said, I am also not feeling like a nice person. Struggling with the long days of bike-widowhood (what did I think would happen?), and with being in close quarters with a group for an extended period. Everything is fine, but I am expending considerable energy on *not* screaming, snapping, speaking my whole mind, crying, gnashing my giant teeth.

Everything is fine and still I wonder when I get the vacation with my husband, where I don't have to share him with a sport that takes him away for 5 - 10 hours at a time.

That said, I am going to go read a book and watch the clouds get snagged on the huge peaks towering all around this village.

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