Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Adventures in Cancer Land, Cycle 1, Day 1

We're home after a long day in the Chemo Lounge at Kaiser. In so many ways, it was the best possible day it could have been -- we got the one room with a bed in it since it was Joe's first time and there was a lot of concern about how he'd react to the Rituxan; we had great, funny care from Susan Jones, our nurse du jour; Laurent and Hans came by and visited with us; and REALLY GREAT NEWS: Joe had no reaction to the Rituxan and seems to be doing absolutely great now.

The Rituxan is supposed to be really fast-acting, so Joe should have relief from the pain the tumor has been causing him very soon - the Rituxan will start targeting those bad B-cells and The Potato should start shrinking to a Tater Tot.

But probably my favorite thing about the whole day was Joe himself. He is so remarkable and has such a great attitude that he can make even chemo fun. Jean-Paul in particular would have appreciated the way that Joe asked me to pass him a large glove from the dispenser on the wall so he could inflate it and put it on his head, all just so that when the nurse arrived and noticed, Joe could quip, "I'm feeling a little fowl." I utterly love that.

We are on our way to roasting, baking, mashing The Potato! And I, no matter what comes, no matter what happens, am grateful every moment that I have Joe - really such an amazing, delightful human being. I am so very, very lucky.


Lisa Butler said...

Truly amazing. Joe, you are an amazing person.
Love you,

Boomann said...

So fantastic! You are an amazing spirit Joe and that's why you'll get through this and be better than ever, no doubt.