Saturday, April 11, 2009

Ready? Okay!

Today's the big day that we pick up our three pounds of bees and Queen from Alan, our beekeeping teacher. We'll spend the day making frames for our hive, participating in demos, and watching a video about how to catch a swarm. It'll be our first day of wearing our bee-veils for a purpose [a purpose other than prancing around the house in them in our underwear, naturally]. I am so excited about this!!

In preparation for today's events, I've been re-reading the materials we were given in our first class, along with the packing slips from the beekeeping supplies we purchased. Thought I'd share a few tidbits:

- from the veil (did I mention mine is a white plastic pith helmet with black veil, charmant!): The veil is protective from bee and other insect stings when properly used. It is not warranted to be sting proof or guaranteed to prevent access to the body by bees or other insects. Hmm.

- and final words from the packing slip of the bee smoker, which we will use when we open the hives (not because the smoke stuns them but because it makes them think Fire, so they gorge themselves on honey and therefore slow down): Use good judgement and common sense. Some would say good judgment means not messing with bees, but OK.

If nothing else, this is going to be really interesting! But I am expecting a fine adventure, with some delicious honey as the reward....

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