Saturday, April 18, 2009

What made the day amazing

Today was a perfect day. I can't believe my good fortune. This is how it went.

- Waking up naturally, no alarm. OK, so I woke up at 5:30, lazed til 6:30 -- felt so good!

- Heading out to check the bees at 8, which seems to be the time right now that they begin their flights. Hanging out with Joe on a bench that we moved under the apple tree precisely for the purpose of bee-servation, watching those golden sweeties do their thing.

- Walking on the levies with Jasper, where I saw a cormorant sunning himself on a stump, wings completely outstretched. Hilarious.

- Reading biology homework in the sun for a while.

- Checking the hive around 11:30 and being totally stunned by how productive those creatures are. 3 out of 5 frames with comb on them, and the beginning of the fourth. Plus, handling the hive is such a treat. I thought it would freak me out, but it's calming and satisfying in an utterly unexpected way.

- Being in San Francisco for yoga. Since it was just about 70 degrees out, people were out in droves in shorts and tank tops, enjoying what passes for summer weather in those parts. Such a great feeling on the streets.

- Practicing yoga for three hours with Sianna and Darren, and the deep pleasure of an Om and invocation sung by 50 people in utter harmony with each other. Now that's some bee-buzzing.

- Seeing Lisa and Rachel, old friends from my street, from Everett, from Lowell, for a few hours. It's a lovely thing to have those bonds that withstand the passage of time.

- Driving back across the socked-in Golden Gate Bridge, and looking back at the city, glistening white buildings on rolling hills rising above a bank of fog.

- Watching fog pour over the Headlands and vultures circle over Strawberry.

- Coming home to hot stew and a glass of wine.

Damn, that's a whole lot of Good. I am so lucky.

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