Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Cycle 3, Day 14: Savoring This Sweetness

Joe bounced back late last week and has been feeling great. He rode Saturday and Sunday -- ok, not as long as usual or as fast -- but chemo be damned, he was out there. We had a sweet, low-key weekend of hanging out at home, capped by some bowling for Laurent's birthday. Just so nice. So far this is how it goes: 10 days crappy, 11 days good. Ok, we can handle it.

We're really savoring this time, these 7 remaining healthy, comfortable days before we start the whole damn thing over again. The next chemo will be the day before Thanksgiving, but the good news is that it'll be chemo #4, so we'll have passed the half-way mark. Yeah! And so that chemo doesn't ruin the holiday, we'll be having Thanksgiving early at Joe's parents, the night before the treatment. More nice.

On the 30th we go back for another PET scan, to confirm what we are sure is the case: that the Potato and all the other little tubers are GONE, destroyed, evaporated. That'll be such a relief, to see proof that all of this chemical warfare we've been waging on poor Joe's body has been worth it.

Right now just savoring how free of misery Joe is: no nausea, no pain, no shots, no pills, just his usual sunny self, light and strong.

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