Sunday, December 20, 2009

Just Leaving the House is More and More Like Backpacking

One of the many things I love about backpacking is the ten essentials, the items you're always supposed to have with you to ensure your survival in case the weather goes south and/or you lose your way. There is a certain exhilarating liberation about only having access to what you brought and to bringing only those things that are essential and functional. Anything can happen and you're good: you're set for a couple of days. I'm wild about that kind of self-sufficiency. When my bag is packed, I'm ready for anything. Bring it.

And it's a good thing I like that self-sufficiency, because it's been occurring to me that every time I leave the house nowadays, it's a little bit more and more like backpacking.

Of course, since I don't want to buy plastic, I bring along my Klean Kanteen. Since I don't want my coffee habit to add to the landfill, I tote a thermal cup. Thanks to the generous folks at ToGoWare who gifted my work with sets for each of us, I carry my own little kit of utensils -- fork, spoon, knife and chop-sticks. And who leaves the house anymore without a reusable shopping bag or two, so I'm carrying those, too. The days of a purse just big enough to accommodate my phone, calendar/notebook, writing implements, wallet, lipstick, compact are over. This kind of self-sufficiency demands a bigger bag, no way around it.

I'm not complaining. I like it. I think it makes sense. But I also think it's funny, and an interesting aspect of modern life, where we're like nomadic cavemen carrying all this shit around. I'm going to add a lighter to the mix, just for fun. You never know when you might need fire.

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