Sunday, March 14, 2010

Soaking In It

Our merry little band of yogis is on the road this weekend, up practicing and playing in gorgeous Tahoe. Our teacher Laura is leading workshops here at the charming Tahoe Yoga and Wellness Center in Truckee. Joe and I are staying at the home of the lovely Diana and Jim, reveling in the beauty of our surroundings and soaking it all in.

The first morning we awoke here was like Christmas. As soon as we saw sun on the fresh snowy branches of the pine trees, we were out of bed in a flash, ready to run downstairs to unwrap the beauties of the morning. And it's been a constant unwrapping all weekend!

The classes are fabulous, naturally. It's been lovely to come in out of the snowy cold and practice in a beautiful space. Laura reviewed the austerities yesterday, and it was so nice to feel the way the disciplines have taken root so deep inside me already, thanks to all of the repetition in class and the concerted effort to take them off the mat.

But really what I am so struck by this weekend, again, is the many, many unexpected gifts of yoga. Because of yoga I am in Tahoe this weekend, a weekend arranged by my lovely hostess Diana. Because of yoga, I am Diana's guest this weekend, in the most gorgeous Tahoe home I've ever been in, on the lake, beautifully appointed. Because of yoga, I am sitting at a long wooden table right now as my classmates and friends mill around the kitchen getting their breakfast together, chatting and laughing. Because of yoga I am basking in the warm glow of this abundance of friendship, the ease of meeting people and loving them instantly, not knowing a single worldly fact about them, meeting the truest aspect of their self and letting the rest unfold. It's truly remarkable and I am so grateful.

This weekend I am utterly surrounded by the goodness that yoga brings, bathing in it, soaking in it.

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