Friday, April 23, 2010

An unexpected benefit of migraine

A migraine has been hovering, for a week or so, on the margins of my brain, so I was disappointed but not surprised that as soon as I got to class last night after a fairly stressful day at work, took a breath and got quiet, it came in for a landing.

Disappointing because I was so looking forward to this class, the fourth in a series, in which I knew we were going to focus on my yoga-kryptonite, kidney loop.

It was super-weird not to feel up to doing partner poses or inversions, everything I did through a light-sensitive nauseous haze. Laura was good to me and assisted me through some things, gave my skull a good, strong squeeze and some great adjustments.

But mostly I spent a lot of time watching people in their poses and really deeply and silently working on that pesky kidney loop. And wow, observing in class is amazing, and I really feel like I learned MORE last night by not practicing than I might have if I'd been my usual jump-around self.

I'm not saying I'd choose to feel that funky in class - but it was an unexpected boon to just receive information, just listen quietly, just take it in.

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