Monday, May 17, 2010

Gray anatomy: the PET scan results are in

It's been two weeks since Joe's PET scan, the post-chemo PET scan to check on the suspicious right tonsil.  We would really, really like to be done with cancer.

In response to an email to his doctor, Joe heard this today:

The result came back and showed that there is even less activity in the right tonsil area which is great news. I am waiting for a call back from the radiologist to confirm that we don't have to worry about it anymore. I will let you know once I hear back from him. Thank you.
For whatever reason, we were expecting to hear one of two things: #1) it's clear, you're done; OR #2) it's not clear, let's get those tonsils out and see what the hell we're dealing with. We weren't really prepared for "even less activity," this familiar yet never comfortable GRAY AREA again. It just doesn't get easier to inhabit this land of uncertainty.
The YogiTea bag I just brewed myself yields the following well-timed message: "Bliss is a constant state of mind, undisturbed by gain or loss." Word, YogiTea. I'm working on it.

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Anonymous said...

In my experience one can't always rely on what the doctor says. Very complicated system, that patient/professional relationship. My advice, get the tonsils out!