Saturday, May 1, 2010

Land of Dreams

I'm freshly home from Saturday morning yoga class + mandatory class-extension at Cibo with my delightful yoga posse, the gangstas as Nancy calls them.  The time sitting together and talking and laughing over delicious coffee and food is so super-special, has become such an essential part of my weekend, that I can't imagine a Saturday without.  So funny how I never thought I'd have all these friends in my life, this abundance of love and joy.  Aaaaah, yoga: so much good has it brought me.

So I'm driving home from there, thinking about the conversation I was in this morning, listening to people originally from the East Coast talk about what it is they like about living in Marin County now.  And thinking about how really, on Saturday mornings, I always realize that I live in the Land of Dreams, an utterly stunning place that offers so many opportunities to live richly and fully, fed on open space, trees and gardens, great eats, so many people seeking a beautiful life.  Where driving home I marveled at a dazzlingly white egret slowly flapping its way over the highway, hyoid bone tucked back (OK, I don't really think they have one, but they sure work their skull loop when flying!), gargantuan-seeming and terradactyl in its loveliness.

Who would I be if I hadn't met and fallen in love with Joe and this Land of Dreams across the Golden Gate that he grew up in?  How would I live if I hadn't found yoga and this brilliant community of delightful people I have the supreme pleasure of calling friends?

All I know for sure is that I do live in a Land of Dreams.  Every weekend reminds me, opens my eyes wide at the beauty in me, in others and around me, at the enormous potential we all have to make simple miracles (and sometimes not so simple) happen just by being in this place at this time.  Together.  With Delight.

So wonderful!  So tasty!

PS This is what I mean about the skull loop on Great White Egrets.  Yay!

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