Thursday, July 8, 2010

Crazy funny small sexy world

I'm absurdly happy today and thinking about the quality of that happiness and how it just seems to expand all the time.  It's not just because in exactly one week, we'll be en route to the airport to begin our Bali adventure.  No, it's because my life is awesome, filled with love and great friends and big laughs and just general delight.  Pretty freaking cool, seriously.

And crazy funny shit happens to me all the time - weird random connections that remind me of how small the world really is, and how it seems to be shrinking smaller all the time. I've been ruminating on how all the social media have allowed me to gather in friends from the past and integrate them into my present in a super-satisfying way, weaving people back in, catching up, being my junior high self, my high school self, my self through my decades and my self now ALL at the same time.  Super delightful.

A couple of weekends ago I was roaming through Gerstle Park, a charming neighborhood in San Rafael for those who don't know it, with family, checking out the tons of garage sales taking place all on one day (seriously, like Trick or Treat for grown-ups, awesome!), when I realized that the man sitting on the porch of a Victorian was strangely familiar.  In fact, he was someone I hadn't seen since San Francisco in the early 80s, someone I had had a complicated relationship with, someone I'd lost touch with entirely.  Woah, weird, small world, how did we both end up in the same town, I was left wondering, as we ambled across the street distracted by the stuff in someone else's driveway.  And then this morning, responding to an emailer through Freecycle who wanted my offered copy of "Girl With Dragon Tattoo," turns out I'm in touch with him again, although he's too late for the book, long-gone to a faster responder.

How does that work exactly: nothing for maybe 25 years, then random meetings twice in three weeks? WTF, universe?

It's somewhat tangential, but it got me to thinking about  "I [heart] Huckabees," a big favorite of mine for so many reasons. I'm carrying that blanket around, like Linus, loving this crazy funny small sexy world we live in just so much, so happy to be so distinctly part of the fabric with all of you.  And the Eiffel Tower!

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