Saturday, June 11, 2011

stupid girl stuff, skip it if you wish

OK, so I'm an idiot: I'm a-dither because I bought great earrings today and a great dress.  If money were no object, and sadly it is, I would have bought many more great things, but am content with the two colorful additions to my possessions.  Let it be celebrated that I didn't buy anything black.  Let it not be celebrated that I parted with a lot of cold, hard cash -- but the price of admission to the Land of Fucking Gorgeous is generally some greenbacks.  So be it.

I adore the earrings by Malena Maggi.  They're like princess earrings I think, long, and sparkly, with a pleasant bounce at each step.  They shouldn't be worn in handstand, but will be, since there's nothing prettier than pretty stuff in yoga.  Yoga should never be all purely functional and shit like going to the gym.  No, bring on your preening birds, pretty please.  I want to be dazzled in Warrior III.  And dazzling.  So much more fun that way.

And while Joanne and I were waiting for fish tacos in the food area of the Festival, a woman worked her way through the crowd with a rack of the most absolutely darling dresses -- I have been dreaming of pinafore-like dresses with huge pockets, and lo and behold, this woman appears to have dreamed with me.

It is remarkably difficult to take photos of a dress on oneself, just by the way, but I did try, all the while thinking of my friend Nada and her old habit of posting her outfits on her blog.  Which I personally loved.  She's got that down, for reals -- knows just where and how to strike the pose.  Besides that she's brilliant and a poet and we share a birthday.  Truly, she is brilliant.  Check her out.

But back to the dress, it's handmade by Rebe, also available on-line through her website and through FairTribe.  I have decided I like the look of stripes with my sleeves, so that works, and the dress has the same colors -- the orange and blue -- as the beloved earrings pictured above.

I'm including this photo at left mostly because I also love, love, love my red SaltWater sandals, which I am basically wearing every single day this "summer" so far.  It's hard to dignify this half-assed weather with the name Summer, honestly.  The weather has just been crap lately: cold, windy, foggy, rainy.  And it's June.  Today at the Fairfax Festival I spent most of the day in a sweater.  What?!

Ok, but the thing about the dress that I like the best is def the pockets.  They are gigantic and I LOVE them.  I had to take the dress off  in order to get a decent picture.

I'm still dreaming of making my own dress but this one is very close.  The only difference is that My Dress, the one I'll sew, will be sleeve-less, be more jumper-like.  I have never really lost that habit of childhood, wanting a simple uniform.  This one will be super-functional with huge pockets, big enough to keep apples in like my beloved apron from Oaxaca. Or my phone. Or a coin purse.  It'll be something I can just throw on on a daily basis and be ready to roll, no fuss.

So I'm totally inspired.  Today was a great day.  And pretty things just really truly do make me happy and eager to make more pretty things and more happy.  XX

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