Tuesday, September 27, 2011

so nice to be home in the morning

I am so seldom home in the mornings that I miss my absolute favorite time here on a regular basis.  Today I'm finally, finally taking a day off to rest and finally try and get better from the head-cold that's plagued me for a week.  It's completely ridiculous the degree to which I'll go to ignore feeling bad, to keep going when my body is pulling the brake.  But even though I woke up on Monday a week ago knowing I should stay home, the imperative of my workload meant that I kept going, on a steady diet of caffeine and cold medicine, all in the interest of keeping all of the plates spinning.

Sound familiar?

The thing is that it is so unbelievably gorgeous here in the morning.  Any time I have the good fortune to be here, I immediately start scheming ways that I can *always* be here, every single morning, never have to get in my car and go.  Five days a week I leave to go to work, the other two I'm leaving to go to yoga.  It's kind of ridiculous.

Today the sun is shining, the bees are out.  There is small-scale weeding to be done : the seeds in Box 1 have sprouted, but so has the borage, so I got to spend about 5 minutes between chasing puppy around pulling out the unwanted to clear space for the onions and the beets.  Now I'm just looking at it through the windows, with a sleeping puppy nearby, just reveling in how beautiful it is, birds flying in and out of the apple trees.

Unbelievably simple and gorgeous.

In a little while -- surprise, surprise -- we'll be getting in the car to take Mr Burns to the vet. He has a little spot on his face that is either an infection or demodex, the latter being just a fancy way of saying mange. Mange! No wonder they refer to it as demodex instead. 

Whatever it is, I don't care. I'm going there and coming straight back, all day in the company of Mr Burns, in my sunny house, on my sunny couch, smack in the middle of my sunny life.

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