Tuesday, February 12, 2008

Beginnings: two funny things about seeing

In observing the actions and words of a particularly negative friend earlier this year, it struck me that You See What You Are -- meaning that your internal state determines how you see. Starting from a positive place, good attitude, optimistic expectations is not only more rewarding on its own, but surely makes for a better experience, even when things suck. Things will inevitably suck sometimes, but why start there?

Of course, this is just another reinforcement of the 3 A's of Anusara Yoga. Attitude comes first.

The other funny thing about seeing that struck me in January 08 is that The More You Look, the More You See. I'm obsessed with this one actually. I never really saw birds until I started bird-watching. Now I see them everywhere, in astounding variety, every day. And it isn't just birds. The same is true of coyotes, otters, bats. This morning, in fact, there was a coyote directly across the street from me when I came out to walk my dog in the early hours. I do think it's unlikely that there's been some boom in animals in my area across all species. I think it's more likely that once the intention is there, then boom - you're seeing because you're looking.

This second funny thing about seeing reinforces the first. Having my eyes open and having this observatory state of mind, then feeling the sheer delight of seeing whatever creature is there, takes me outside me, broadens my inner space, so that I am genuinely happier and shine that out. I am happier, so I see happier.

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