Wednesday, February 13, 2008

Pulling in to the midline

In reviewing 2007 and thinking about 2008, what occurred to me repeatedly was that this year is for me The Year of Balance. I worked really hard in a number of areas in 2007, invested in myself as was consistent with last year's theme (The Year of Me) -- 6 months of coaching, 4 months of yoga immersion -- took hardly any vacation, no vacation with Joe, fried myself at work. Came November, we went to see the CPA and I left with the question, "how much is enough?"

As in, how much money? how much work? Ye olde balance question.

What's so cool -- I think -- is that I get to explore the balance question in the physical arena as well, through yoga. This year now has a theme, and has a pinnacle pose that I'm working toward: Scorpion. In the same way you build each practice toward one pose, opening and preparing for that pose, this year's practice as a whole builds toward Scorpion.

The thing to remember about balance is that it comes from inside and comes from intention. I can't sit around and wait for external factors to line up perfectly so that I can "achieve" balance. Instead, I need to pull in to the midline -- physical and otherwise - to create the balance that radiates out and I can stand in.

That's way more than just finding a new job!

If I don't hit Scorpion in December, that's OK, too. Practicing balance in this concerted way is enough!

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