Saturday, January 30, 2010

Inhaling deeply: a little hint of spring in January

This is the first day without rain in a few weeks, I think, the first day in ages I have felt the sun on my face. It's delicious and exhilarating to be outside, to be dry, to catch up with what's been happening while we were hunkered down in the deluge. Everyone I've been in contact with today has been a little giddy, grateful for the break in the weather.

Joe's outside in the garden weeding and straightening, moving borage, pruning roses, I'm inside taking a little moment to reflect on how great today feels. I'm sure it's not just the blue sky that's responsible for this mood - yoga was awesome today and clarified some important things for me. Plus my practice has been feeling really strong lately, like I'm finer-tuning my poses, finally understanding physically what the words carry.

Through the window, I can see Joe's sunlit pate as he moves back and forth between garden beds and the compost, downy hair growing back in, softer than before, but coming in fast and furious, erasing the most telling sign of chemo. Like the bees that are zooming in and out of the hive now, birds singing, Joe, too, is busy enjoying this little hint of springtime, even as we know that winter's got a ways to go before its end.

On a day like this, how not to be excited and exhilarated by the promise of the warmer temperatures to come, the burst that will happen when springtime is here for reals? And for us, after that long darkness of the cancer, how great to breathe this in deeply, hope for the future, delight in what's to come.


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