Tuesday, January 12, 2010

2010: The Year of Intention

Yep, it's official: for me 2010 is The Year of Intention.

I've been naming my years for a while now [07: Year of Me, 08: Year of Balance, 09: Year of Sustained Connections] at the beginning of the year, as a way of crystallizing the big theme, setting the container so to speak for all that will come in the following months. I couldn't have been more prescient in January of last year regarding the supreme importance of connection in 2009 -- the strong friendships and family bonds really got us through a lot of hell last year, what with that ridiculous cancer and all.

Now this year, this is the year that I am going to realize some big intentions. It helps so much that, thanks to Laura, this has been a strong focus in class since about the middle of December. The regular reminders and physical practice are really helping to keep me to stay focused and committed.

So what am I intending? I have two pages of categorized bulleted items, of course, but the biggest, the most important, is that this is year that I transform the way I make a living, so that I transition gracefully out of my current job, out of jobs in general, and into the next phase. It helps that we're done paying college tuition as of May 2010 (congratulations in advance on your BFA, LT!), and that Joe's business is picking itself up out of the 2009 economic hole. We learned two major lessons last year: that we are nowhere without Love, without friends and family, and that life is too damn short to not be doing the work that's in our hearts. So this is the year.

It's really so exciting, to see it so clearly and to know that all that is required to reach the goal is a sustained commitment and consistent practice. Just like yoga, right? How wonderful that is!

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Splitfeet said...

I look forward to hearing about how you shift your work life - that is a question that I struggle with myself and was inspired by your approach in setting such clear intention around it. Enjoy the rest of the time with John.

Love and light,