Friday, June 18, 2010

Burnt at both ends, but can't stop!

It's been a busy week of yoga and social engagements, and this early-bird is feeling bleary but nonetheless awake and ready to do it again.

Since I'm committed to making a beautiful, full life -- perhaps this really is my only true sankalpa -- I seem to regularly put myself on this collision course with the ground, flying, flying, flying, then ultimately a little bit crashing.

I manage this only thanks to the yoga and to the self-perpetuating beauty of my life.  And of course thanks to coffee, without which all of this would be a lot less fun, doom-and-gloom articles on notwithstanding. And no thanks to naps which I appear to be constitutionally largely unable to cultivate as a practice (the perils of pitta, perhaps).

Taking stock of this week, I wouldn't have it any other way:
 - Monday night: awesome yoga with Peggy Orr (shhh, the website is not, we're told, ready for primetime, but so what...).
 - Tuesday night: awesome yoga with Laura Christensen.
 - Wednesday night: delicious dinner at Tartine Afterhours.
 - Last night: delicious dinner at Peggy and Jim's, many laughs and kisses, white wine and fish tacos.

And all of this on school-nights!  Which means not getting to bed at 9, rather after 11, but still, even when tortured with insomnia, eyes open at 5:30.

This morning I'm dragging a bit, but really wouldn't change a thing.  If all I got to do was my silly job all day, then come home and go to bed at the appropriate hour for early birds, how dull would that be?  I gladly trade my sleep for all this fun and time with friends.  The sleep is not my short-term destiny, but I'll catch up soon, in the meantime knowing that the sleeping is long-term destiny for us all.

So yes, a bit singed today, but man, did we laugh last night!  [Martine, if you're reading, you know that I cannot see "singed" and not turn it into "singed," nonsensical and delightful, the mind still turning its punny cartwheels even when rest-deprived.]  And what a special treat: left Peggy's with a stack of 6 books on loan and plans to send my mind down the same imaginary paths she's wandered,  so later we can swap reviews and favorite images and impressions.  Trade that for a good night's sleep?  Never.

I'll sleep sometime this weekend, maybe tonight catch up a bit since I've deliberately scheduled nothing in response to the busy of the weeknights.  But even though I'm tired and longing for my pillow, I feel so happy and full and grateful and inspired and ready for more.


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