Tuesday, June 8, 2010

Yoga Writers Posse

As it's June and we're nearing the midway point of the year, I have been reflecting back on the intentions I set for the year, all two pages of them, and considering my own progress on the path.  I am really happy with where I am, with what I've done so far, although there is definitely still lots to do, lots to keep me engaged for at least the next 6 months.

One thing I haven't been doing as much of lately is documenting my own studies of yogic discipline, which is really where I started the year -- diligently applying what we were learning in class outside of the studio, at work, where I need it most, where it most certainly matters most.

That's not to say that I haven't been working it. I made my way though two of Gurumayi's books, and am waiting for a third (Courage and Contentment) to appear courtesy of used sales on Amazon.com.  I have been blogging almost daily, but more generally lately about other subjects, especially lately the oil spill which is really rocking my entire universe.

I'm still going to class and pouring every bit of expression and meaning I can into every single pose.  Laura continues to amaze and dazzle in her teaching, and I feel stronger than ever on my mat, even though truth be told, I haven't practiced quite as much in the past month as in the 4 prior.  But that's OK.  I've been outside a lot, in the garden, reveling in growing lots of food this year and dreaming up the urban farm I want to start next spring.

At the almost-halfway point, I'm feeling good about the path and yet needing a little something.  I know my thyroid is low right now and I'm a bit mixed about giving up sugar, and I'm still under-slept, and I'm sad about The Fucking Oil Spill, so in general casting about a little sleepily.

And into my lap falls Bindu Wiles' 21.5.800 Project, thanks to elephantjournal.com and several friends who emailed me about it. For 21 days, making the commitment to write 800 words a day and practice 5 days out of 7, even if one of those days is a 40-minute savasana in my home studio.  SWEET! Just what I needed!  A little e-community to spur me on, how wonderful!

So, get ready: that's what I'm doing.  Not sure I can manage 800 words on the blog all in one go, in the mornings before work, so there may be two posts daily, we'll see.  And practicing 5 on 7 days: that I can do, starting tonight at 6:30 at YogaWorks SF with the brilliant LC.

Yay, so happy to have this organizing principle to guide the next little period.  Here we go!

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