Thursday, January 6, 2011

Escaping the bonds of memory

This was exactly one year ago today -- Joe and beloved Nurse Susan Jones taken on the occasion of Chemo #6 and Final.  Look how funny and sick my sweetheart looks, pobrecito.  He got through that whole ordeal with so much grace and strength.  I'm not surprised, really, having known him as long as I have that that's how he would get through the experience.  But still, he's pretty amazing, all in all.

So I'm thinking this morning about how held I am in memories, how much I date things.

I am hoping that as we pass the 365-day mark, this terrible event in our lives will cease to have such a strong grip on us.  With every passing anniversary, let it drift into the past and loose its hold on us both.

Such an amazing creature, that Joe!

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