Friday, January 7, 2011

Six whole days of AWESOME so far

Big Change #1 of the year so far -- the new job -- is going great. As mentioned before, I did have two spates of boredom in the first few days, but that's in the past. There is something so utterly delightful about having nothing to do but numbers. Really, I know this is weird for the non-numbers folk, but man, how great to have a scope that requires that I spend hours with the calm simplicity of cash flow, balance statement and profit & loss. Ahhh, sweet peace of the numerical!

I've been feeling physically great -- with a big let-up of the stress I've been carrying for months and perhaps years. I'm sleeping unassisted, and enjoyed a day earlier this week during which I had absolutely no head pain at all. Fantastic! I am still adjusting to wearing glasses, though, which is weird. Sometimes they bother me so much, but generally they're on my face giving me a black-framed view of the world.

This morning I've been indulging in my favorite morning pastime of just following my train of thought around the interwebz, reading the paper, linking out to read in more depth about some phenomenon referred to in an article, finding little treasures and caching them for later, after work, when I have more time.

This morning's starting-point was a piece in the Marin IJ about yarnbombing on 4th Street in San Rafael, in front of the Dharma Trading company. That's a yarnbombed bike rack at left -- so pretty!   I'd heard of this phenom before, but am taking more time with it this morning, jumping from entertaining blog to entertaining blog.  It's so great how many forms of expression we have, how many avenues to be funny, creative, thoughtful and bold!

Naturally this is not new -- is there anything new under the sun? -- but it's lighting up the still dark morning for me.  And also naturally, there's a book!

For me, it's the the little things that support each day being AWESOME, having this time to wander quietly in the morning, to come across evidence of how fantastic and funny we people can be, how remarkable the world is.  Hard to have a bad attitude or bad day starting from this point, eyes laughing, delighted at the sight of guerilla knitting.

Resources, in case you'd like to wander where I wandered:

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