Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Love the World You're With!

How about this, crazy so-called Christian nutjobs: sure, May 21st can be the end of the world, if you say so.  But how about we define the end of the world a little bit differently?  How about if instead of getting enRaptured and lifted up to paradise, you all, on Sunday, May 22, wake up in the not-over present moment and look around at the glorious world we live in, with all its flaws, and see it for what it already is: Heaven.

This is it, folks.  It doesn't and can't get better than this because it's already perfect.

I say, if it's the end of something on May 21st, let it be of fear, of ignorance, of wishing for some reality other than the one we're in, which is, as much as it sometimes can suck, perfect, beautiful, divine.

Love the world you're with!!


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