Thursday, May 12, 2011

Two Months and I still miss you

Jasper Bacon Trelaun
in his Regal Beagle pose
Lately I've been writing about other stuff, excited about other things, but don't think for a second, Pony, that I don't think about you all day every day.  My heart is still broken and I miss you madly, little daemon, gone from us two months ago yesterday.

Every Wednesday at 6:45 I remember it all with such a sharp pang.

I miss you so much and will love you always, always, always with every atom of my being.  I know you're still here, still part of everything as you always were.  I just miss your shining eyes, your sounds, your fur, your company so much and still see your brindle form everywhere I look.

Covering you with kisses, always.

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