Sunday, August 28, 2011

Everything is grace.

Honey by magic
Label design by Martine Trelaun
I most definitely feel more like myself today, thank Goodness. And maybe that's why some chance words of Abby's have echoed in my head all day long.  We were talking before class, and in response to something I said (probably about Embrace Yoga, which I'm so excited about), Abby accidentally said, "that's Grace," when she meant to say, "that's great."  I love it when word-fun happens, and that one was so perfect.

And it pretty much describes this day so far: super-great,  super-Grace.

Class was awesome this morning.  I definitely still felt the effects of the anemia but was nevertheless stronger than I have been.  I felt really good about my strap-assisted Natarajasana -- the pose felt more accessible than it ever has before, so now if only I could manage the initial weirdo foot-grab, I think I could take it deeper.  [If you don't know this Natarajasana of which I speak and would like to see what I'm working toward, click here for a photo of Laura Christensen rocking the pose poolside in the paradise that is Careyes, Mexico.  Make no mistake: I can't rock it that big yet, but I'm determined...]

Another Grace-y aspect of today is that it's 3:30 on a Sunday and I'm awake, not sacked out under a book in bed as I have been for many Sundays in a row.  Instead of I am savoring the bounty of our garden and bees in a big way.  So far I've made three jars of delicious pesto from the basil we grew, and Joe and I just finished jarring up the honey we harvested yesterday.  Three frames of capped honey yielded 200 ounces of honey, TWENTY TWO jars full!  And it's absolutely delicious.

Label design: Martine Trelaun
Once we were done jarring up the liquid gold, we decided to put the crushed wax, still in its nylon bag, in the sun, to see if perhaps the heat would free up a little more honey into the bottom of the bowl.  Naturally, within second, bees -- and yellowjackets, so not a fan of those bee-eating biters -- were all over this free meal.  It might not have been such a great idea, but now, there is no way we can do anything about it.  When the sun goes down and the bees go home, we'll see what they've left us.  But really, no complaining is possible, not with 3 jars of pesto, 22 jars of honey and a full tank of energy.

Everything is just fine. Better than fine.  Everything is just Grace.

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