Tuesday, August 2, 2011

meanwhile, back at the ranch...

Welcome, August!

I'm still sorting out all of my impressions from the long weekend at Wanderlust, and working out whether I really am an early bird, and how and when I'm ever going to get enough sleep to catch up and feel like myself again.  But in the meantime, for those who don't see me on Facebook, sharing a link to a story of mine on San Rafael Patch yesterday, kicking off the month of August.  It's the first piece I've submitted that was run as a lead, not just tucked away in the Local Voices blog area, and that they promoted via their Facebook.  Sweet!

I'm super-happy to be writing as much as I am right now (even though since the weekend my mind is a wee muddled).  Despite the fact that what I really wish for is to be able to travel around the world with all these great yoga teachers I know, I am enjoying my new little life of number-crunching by day, mat-surfing, gardening, writing and everything else I love by night, making the most of every other waking moment, early-early and late-late.

Coming soon: more stories here and at Bay Shakti.  Stay tuned.  August is going to be BIG!

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