Saturday, July 30, 2011

what's with me and the pants?

Recently I invested in four new pairs of pants in a larger size -- as chronicled here a little more than a week ago. It occurred to me as I was writing and posting that particular post, that I have a thing about the pants.  Seriously.  The one post I did for Elephant Journal that got any traction at all, Retiring the Porno Pants, was naturally about pants.  And just by the way, the only reason it got any traction was because of the deliberate use of "porno" in the title.  Which is why I don't really write there much.  More pants-aria ensued in Personal Spanda.  And now I'm about to do it again.

What is with me and the pants?

The sad truth is that the yoga pants of which I bought four pairs over the past two weeks are actually too big for me.  Yes, I realized today that though they are capacious enough in the ass, they are too big at the hip, resulting in a different set of issues than previous pants presented. Damn it.

It's freakin' ridiculous.

I am back in my room between classes and grateful that I didn't bring only the voluminous pants, but also two pairs of my older, smaller bottoms.  Thank goodness for that, and for the ability to bust out a costume change between classes, allowing me also to change into my new t-shirt.

Did I mention there is so much retail here, so many opportunities to buy clothes and books and malas and yoga-related stuff.  Also, naturally, many many opportunities for feather hair extensions and even a booth where they will either assist or instruct you in how to "artfully" cut up your t-shirt.  It's a little bit Disneyland for me -- you know, in that way that people go to Disneyland and walk around in the ears, with their name embroidered on the back.  They'll never wear those ears again, outside the park, but damn it if they don't have to have them.  That's how it is for me with some of the garb being sold here, feathers included.  Every Cancun needs its corn-rows, apparently.  I warned you: I can't resist the Wandersnark even as I am loving it, loving it, loving it so much.  Like all things, it is not without its less-shining aspects.

Wait, back to the costume change.  I'm out of the YogaDork t-shirt for the moment, and into my new Rock the Bhakti shirt, Sianna's creation.  Loving it.

And my smaller purple pants right now.

But really, what's with me and the pants?  I'm thinking about it, but meanwhile, heading out to grab some juice and check out more stuff and make my way back to the Anusara Pavilion for noon-time class with Amy Ippoliti.  Hopefully I'll get a spot in the shade, but either way, I'm rocking the right bottoms.



Janna said...

OMG you are hilarious. When I went two years ago there was not much shooping, just a few bioths scattered around. Have fun and rock an arm balance for me! PS I love my feathers

Ariane said...

LOVE you, Janna! OK, 4 o'clock class an arm-balance, sans feathers, just for you. Thanks for reading. XOXOX

Martine said...

"Every Cancun needs its corn rows." Dude, you nailed it. You rule. ♥