Thursday, July 21, 2011


Last year at this time, we were in the beautiful paradise of Bali with my teacher, the lovely Laura Christensen.  Reading back through The MOST fun I've ever had in my life, posted July 22, 2010, I remember vividly everything -- the laughing, practicing, eating so well.  And oh, the delicious coffee at Tutmak in Ubud, truly the best cappuccino this side of Blue Bottle.  Such a great, great time spent with such dear, dear people in such a gorgeous, gorgeous place.

There's something about Bali, apparently, that requires the doubling, the piling-on, of adjectives.  It's just that delicious.

While we were there, I think on Day 1, after a stroll through the Monkey Forest in Ubud, as Joe and I were having cappuccino #1 at Tutmak, I said, sighing, "you know?  I think I am a tropical person trapped in a mediterranean climate."

What struck me that first day, besides everything that was coming in through my eyes, was the gentleness of the air on my skin, the perfection of the temperature, the ease of the attire appropriate to the climate.  So easy.  Just pull on a light skirt and a loose top and some sandals, and done.  Done for all day and all night.  Leave your sweater in the suitcase until the volcanos or until San Francisco, whichever comes first.  

I was remembering Bali yesterday because we had finally hit that point in our summer when I can walk around Bali-comfy.  Yesterday was just that hot, low 90s, that I wore the same thing I would have worn in Ubud last year - stretchy black cotton Athleta skirt, $5 embroidered black blouse purchased at Candi Kuning Market, sandals.  No sweater.  Delicious.

It looks like it's going to be another hot one today, so I'm luxuriating in my choices, clothes that have been largely put away since a year or so ago, clothes that bring back so many memories and a sharp longing to feel that air on my skin again.  Until then, I'm going to enjoy feeling this Bali-comfy, sweater not required.


* * * * *
Laura is heading back to Bali in one year.  Check her website for more details and to take advantage of August 1 early-birdy deadline for discount (morning price, just for you!) and payment plan.  Don't miss out!  If it's even a fraction of as wonderful as last year, it's going to rock your whole world.

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