Thursday, July 28, 2011

Wanderlust prep, finally!

Underway, at last!
I've been ticking my way through an enormous pre-trip To Do list this morning, since about 6.  Well, OK, I admit it: I sat on my ass and did little until about 8 (if that's what you call reading and writing), when the work of paying bills and taking care of business finally began.  And then I had to put things away, fold all my laundry so that I had a clear, clean space in which to start on the packing.  You know how it is.

It's been interesting to pack without the golden-brown eyes of Mr Furpants watching my every move, calculating whether this trip includes him.  Sorry, Pony Boy, you're staying home this time.  ;>

I know I'm overpacking.  I feel horribly out of practice.  But whatevs, it's not like I am going to have to carry this around on my back, so if I like it, I'm bringing it. Which mean that's probably more yoga pants, bras and tops than I need, way more cute apres stuff stowed in there along with the just-in-case down vest and fuzzy hat and the uber-useful parasol (except that it's SO hard to text, hold an iced coffee and the handle at the same time, working on it).  So many activities, so many shoes!

This break is going to be great, but I'm a bit rueful to leave home at all.  It would be so nice to stay here, but now that my list is all checked off, stuff packed, I'm hitting the road.

Watch this space: I'll be blogging from Wanderlust, my first-ever festival of this kind, hoping not to Wandersnark too much and sharing what the experience looks and feels like.  Three classes every day, starting at 8am tomorrow, with hikes and hang-out and coffee and food and sun and kula and mountains in between.

See you soon!

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