Friday, July 15, 2011

July 15: The Trifecta of AMAZING

Today, Friday July 15th, 2011, is, as my genius sister Martine put it, quite simply the Trifecta of AMAZING!

Chez Nous: Maison Assibat, Arrens-Marsous
One: it's Stage 13 of the Tour de France, which passes through my family's country today, literally.  The stage begins in Pau, comes up the col d'Aubisque, across to and down from Col de Soulor and down through our little village, Arrens-Marsous, the village where my father was born, where our French family is buried, where my parents will be in just a couple of days.  Steps from this house was where I saw my first live Tour passing through, way back in the early 70s with a Poulidor cap on my head.  There again, in 2005, that we hiked to the top of Soulor and waited all day to see the caravane, the helicopters, the riders come by.  I'll be glued to the coverage today, eyes wide open for shots of our special place in the world, those beautiful mountains and gorgeous little villages.  I can almost smell it.  It's thrilling for me, especially now that Martine (deep, deep pranams, sister) prevailed on our parents not to sell the ancestral house and garden.  I am watching with even more intensity as a result.

Carlita and Joe,
Col de Soulor, 2005
The Kid and Ben: full fan regalia,
Col de Soulor, 2005

Two: Harry Potter opens today.  The Kid saw it at midnight last night, but I'm waiting until Saturday, waiting until the crowds of screaming girls in capes subside somewhat.  It'll still be plenty raucous, though, I'm sure, since we're not delaying long.  I've been waiting and waiting for this final film to come out, to go sit in the dark and revel in the story, in the love and heroism that's so deep in that story.  The last one was so good.  I really am so excited to take it in.  It occurs to me, naturally, that it's really the very same story in different outfits as the Tour de France in so many ways: bravery, struggle, friendship, loyalty and love.  Sweet!

Three: It's Guru Purnima!  The July moon was fat and bright last night, blasting my room with light as I tried to get to sleep, illuminating that today's the special day when we honor our teachers and the entire lineage of teachers who've brought us to this point.  I bow deeply today, all day, to my many, many teachers, with so much gratitude for all they've taught and continue to teach me, in the great unfolding of consciousness that is this life.

It's going to be an AMAZING day.  Live it up!

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