Monday, July 25, 2011

Goofy wolverine fan behavior

I'm such a fan of wolverine, my favorite animal besides Jasper (naturally), that I am a total sucker for anything that has wolverine in the name.  Although I do draw the line at the Wolverine character in X-Men, just by the way, because that's not real.  

I mean what's not to love about the real wolverine?  Gorgeous, fierce, endowed with everything it needs to thrive in its environment.  And did I mention gorgeous?

Those who see me regularly see me in the company of my notebook, which travels with me wherever I go and which carries on its cover this reminder of the year's totem animal, cut out from the Wolverine Foundation brochure, along with the I Love You sticker from the Valentine's Day cookie Laura gave me:

Every time I look at my notebook, I feel happy.  I am reminded of what this year is all about for me, not having to work as hard as I did last year, not having to struggle or prove, because I've got everything I need, teeth and claws and fur and heart, built right in, part of the package.  Or it just makes me happy because it's so freaking cute.  [Readers of Wednesday's Breaking Up with Lazy, here's your chance to nod knowingly at the bright-pink tab visible on the right.]

So because you know this about me -- that I'm a sucker for wolverine -- you won't be surprised even a bit that as soon as I saw the words " Wolverine Bread" at Arizmendi Bakery in San Rafael, yeah, of course I had to buy a loaf.  With a name like Wolverine, I "reasoned" (hah) that it had to be good.  [Remind me to tell you about porcupine meatballs sometime.]

Arizmendi Wolverine bread

So, Wolverine Bread?  Delicious, substantial and stuffed with nuts and dried fruit.  I tore into it yesterday (with my claws) and ate some at my desk.  I enjoyed some this morning, warmed, with a light glaze of delicious salted butter.  Yummy Wolverine!  What's not to love?

As I was enjoying my breakies this morning, Joe looked over, one eyebrow slightly raised, and asked, incredulity apparent, Did you buy that bread just because of the name?  My happy reply, mouth full of delectable toast: OF COURSE!


so so so so so so good!

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