Saturday, December 31, 2011

maybe it's wrong

Maybe it's wrong, but:

- I can't help how much I fall in love with people when they use really good words easily in a sentence.  I am still thinking about the fabulous Nicole, working magic with my hair, discussing her favorite books of 2011, trotting out métier re Patti Smith and poetry. I didn't hear the two sentences after that, dizzy with delight, savoring the word. Delicious.

- I also can't help saying Thank You when Good Words Happen, so grateful to hear something unusual, so fresh and delightful on the ears! Probably this is because I spend so much time on dog-training in which positive reinforcement is everything... But naturally, instead of Good Girl or Boy in response to the wielding of excellent vocab (which I think would universally be taken wrong), my response is the unimaginative but oh-so happy, flexible and expressive Fuck Yeah! Fuck Yeah to good words and the people who use them!

- I can't help doing whatever it takes, despite my current injury, to spend an hour in the woods every day with puppy.  Mr Burns is just so much happier if he has time to run free, crash through the brush, jump over downed trees, sniff wild poops, be a little wolf in sable clothing.  And I, too, am so much genuinely happier, more at peace, if I've been in the trees for some part of the morning.  We dogs need this, so if it means I need to dose up on Advil and maybe a pain killer to make it possible to ramble up and down the trails, then so be it.

Maybe all that is wrong, but whatevs, I don't need to be right.  

Meanwhile, AC/DC is playing on Pandora, Mr Burns is sacked out on the big chair in the sun, I'm about to start final-day-of-the-year work for the business while Joe is out on his bike.  It's New Year's Eve, bitches, and all I want to do is sit around and think about what the last year has meant, but duty calls.  Fun is for later on -- right now, it's time to work.  

That's OK, though, honestly, because I am still coasting on métier and this morning's traipse in the forest with pup.  Fuck yeah!

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