Saturday, March 21, 2009

Flashback: 1992

Recently we've been really digging listening to Pig Cow Dog, a band Joe was in in the early 90s and thinking back with love to those days gone by. Hearing PCD after all these years we've been stunned by how tight it was, how funky, how cool -- and maybe we're biased, but it still seems awesome. Plus: man, were we ever free in those days, way back in 1992 or so.

Unbeknownst to us, those days were the glory-days. Joe and I both worked for other people. We didn't own a house. We didn't own a business and a building. We were underemployed, had no debt and no money. But lots of principles. And a band practicing in our house three nights a week.

Laurent is probably 4 in this picture, and appears to be holding a Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtle in his right hand. Note the giant cobra tattoo on his chest and think about what he looks like now :) The face-paint was pretty typical for that time, as were the colorful gymboree pants (red with blue and green patches) which you can't see in this photo. There are other photos from that same show in which he's on stage, shaker-egg in hand. At the time, he was in kindergarten at the Lycee Francais in Corte Madera.

We were vegan in those days, and very involved with the Green Party in Marin (I believe I'm wearing a Green Party pin in the photo, and there must have been some voter registration or tabling of some kind involved in this day). I've also got short, dark hair (probably growing out from bad henna), and a goddess pendant, and hardly any tattoos. Nuts.

It's so nice, though, to be able to look back on it all with love and appreciation for the idealistic, idiotic cute people we were then. Especially now that we're reconsidering everything in light of this stupid economic crisis, rolling back to simpler ways and times, and trying to get through it. We definitely had some things right back then.

Maybe it's time for a PCD reunion?

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