Sunday, March 22, 2009

Sunday Spring ruminations

I'm supposed to be working right now. That's the whole reason I just took off my gloves and muddy boots, put away my trowel and handed the seed packets off to Joe. Would much rather be outside than in today, in this breezy spring glory, but duty calls.

But before duty, just a small Sunday rumination or two, thanks to class with Peggy today. As we were heading into savasana, she said, "No guilt. No clinging. No desire." And I realized something.

That all this anxiety that penetrates my dreams or straight-up keeps me awake at night, is nothing more than clinging. And that clinging comes from fear. This endless knitting and re-working of scenarios is such a noisy not-letting-go.

And interestingly the complete opposite of the dedication I gave my practice today: "peaceful heart. peaceful home."

To achieve that peaceful heart, peaceful home, no clinging. Duh.

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