Thursday, March 26, 2009

Vacation tomorrow: mixed feelings

Our garden has literally exploded in the last few weeks - everything looks just that particular Spring-beautiful, super-hydrated, unfurling. And the Pawlonia Empress Tree at the front of the yard is in full-bloom, utterly spectacular and at least 20 feet tall, which is amazing considering that when we planted it three years ago, it was literally a foot-long non-descript stick. The photo above is the delectably fragrant blooms on that tree, each one about 4 inches long.

The parts for the bee hive are sitting outside the garage waiting to be finished and sealed. And intriguing beekeeping supplies arrived in a big box today. Stay tuned for pictures of me in a ridiculous plastic pith helmet with veil and canvas gloves that go all the way up my arms. Joe unpacked the smoker and immediately torched some pine needles in it just to see what would happen. Guess what: it made smoke. Fancy that!

We planted sweet and shell peas last weekend, and amaranth and quinoa, all from seed. The lilac is just starting to bloom, and the asparagus is raging.

As much as I really and truly need this yoga camp week in Mexico and will delight and rejoice in every moment of it, it's also true that I am reluctant to go away for a week from this precious, brief part of the season.

But it'll still be here. And still be amazing when I get back. And then I'll be a whole week closer to getting our 3 pounds of bees and Queen and setting up our new honey-making operation. How much promise the spring holds!!

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