Saturday, February 13, 2010

And There's More!

Up early again today, Day 6 of the Anusara tour. This weekend is workshops. I'm doing the Intermediate/Advanced classes, and also doing seva (service), assisting the 200 or so students in the room to place their mats. Anusara classes are visually unlike other classes in that there is great store placed on the mats being lined up just-so -- none of the ragged stagger -- and the closer the better, since after all this is a group activity we're engaged in! So I'll be at the venue at 7 to mat-marshall the 8 o'clock class, observe that class (goody!), then practice from 10:30 - 12:30, mat marshall for the 1pm class, then lunch, then class from 4-6. A very full day, the first of two.

I'm really looking forward to today, since many friends who weren't at the immersion will be there. It will also be such a treat to have the opportunity to observe a class, to spectate the motion and emotion in the room. Yay!

This experience has been like being on retreat and also not. I am glad to sleep in my own bed, and most nights have hit the pillow by 9 and then been awake by about 4, just too excited to sleep more, too full of the prior days' accumulated illumination to stay down any longer. In some ways, this has been a more "real" experience than retreat, since I've had to integrate the usual routine around the long days of yoga. And really, since it's all yoga, then so are dishes and bills and chores.

I won't lie: it would certainly be delicious to go back to my cozy nest and sleep. But that's what Monday's for!

I am so enjoying the way the days are unfolding, how I never know what we're going to do, where exactly we will be led. I am delightedly relaxing back into that, so happy to remember that really, truly, I'm not in charge. Just going along, presented with opportunity after opportunity to be dazzled. Such powerful lessons being integrated into my cells. What will happen next?

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