Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Does not get old!

That's right.  It just does not get old to see my name in print in the local paper.  How's that for some narcissism?  Apple not falling far from the tree.  Snap!

Here's the piece if somehow you missed my day-long effusion of shameless self-promotion.

Really, even though I'm the one who wrote the piece, in a rush after a great yoga class and hang-out sesh with my buddies, even though I'm the one who emailed it to the editor of this section of the paper, still I jumped in surprise when I saw it there on Page B2.  It's not a big deal, I am fully aware, just a funny little local paper that I normally deride -- but whatever, I'm enjoying using it as a vehicle for funny little local stories about the people I meet and know.

That's definitely working for me.

This afternoon I was at a bookstore in San Rafael and noticed that Beth Ashley, storied/ancient columnist for the same paper, whose piece this morning was directly above mine, was also milling about the New Fiction section.  The following fleeting insane scenario flashed through my mind: me extending a hand and introducing myself as a fellow writer whose by-line was just below hers today.  Hello Beth, we shared a page in the paper today.  After which she'd no doubt mumble something kind and move swiftly to the exit.  Clearly, I would never do such a thing.  But it made me laugh throughout the rest of my bookstore visit.  What if I were just that nuts?

It could certainly happen, given that the thing I thought would never, ever happen appears to have finally taken place: yes, I think I need glasses.  There is something combination comical/alluring about the thought of perching Readers on the end of my nose, so I can type like hell on my iPhone without holding it out three feet from my face.  The woman at the register when I bought the glasses today said, oh these aren't for you, you're too young.  Hah, I said, actually I'm just that old.

So yeah, probably since the eyes are going, the tenuous grip on boundaries and appropriate behavior will be next.   And then I'll really be in good company.  With more ridiculous stories to tell.

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