Thursday, December 30, 2010

done, done, and DONE!

Oh yes, the day of emancipation has come at last.  So glad about that, and waiting for a ride from my now-former office to my parents' house for our belated Christmas, a sure-to-be delicious dinner and some celebratory champagne.  Yes!!

It's been a great day, all in all, challenging and long, but how can the day go wrong when it starts with a post on Bay Shakti by yours truly?  That was a great way to mark the transition, and I'm so grateful to Ginger for the opportunity to share my jubilation. 

I'd be lying if I didn't mention that I'm completely fried right now.  This transition has been intense, but leaving here on a positive note has been really high on my list of priorities, and I'm confident that I managed it as well as possible and left a clear trail for my successor.  I do feel like I'm coming down with something -- hopefully not that disgusting stomach flu that our Arizona relatives brought with them for the holidays, and which grabbed first Joe, then LT.  Pretty please, none of that for me: I have big plans for my three-day weekend before the new gig begins.

Slightly subdued Snoopy Dance underway over here, but Snoopy Dance just the same!

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