Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Everybody writes now

I'm reading a new-ish on-line magazine, YogaStar, and simultaneously loving and hating that everybody (including me, natch) writes now.  Everybody has a blog.  Everybody has a website.  Everybody has status updates.  

And most everybody has wretched grammar.

But mostly everybody is funny and thoughtful.

I'm sharing this excerpt from the second issue of YogaStar because I love how it's written, errors notwithstanding. I'm trying to get over my grammarian bullshit, since really, who cares? What matters is self-expression and celebration.

Lighten up, over-edumacated yogini!

Some yoga info, demographics & such.
Yoga Star sees the possibility of the Yoga arts being in the forefront of everyone’s awareness & daily doings.

Out of all the super tons of money spent each year in the U.S. a $6 billion chunk of that is spent on Yoga Stuff. That’s more than I make in a week. Yoga stuff is: classes & products: equipment, clothes, retreats & media (DVDs, videos, books & stuff).

Around 7% of all grown ups (16 million-ish) people in the U.S. alone take part in the Yogic arts. Of non-yogi folks about 8%, or 18+ million say they are interested in and by Yoga.
• 73%-ish are ladies; 28% are dudes.
• 41% are 18 to 34 years old; 41% are 35 to 54; and 18.4% are over 55.
• 28.4% have been performing Yoga for around a year, or less; 21% have been performing for one to two years; 25.6% have practiced two to five years; and 24.6% have practiced more than five years.
• 71.4% are college edumacated. Those are some smart Yogis, eh?! 27% have postgraduate degrees. those are some super smart Yogis. Yowza!
• 44% of yogis have household incomes of about $75,000 +. You could pay for a lot of Yoga classes with that kinda cash!; 24% have more than $100,000. Buckoo-bucks. Hey, Will you pay for my classes?
Lots of people start yoga for lots of reasons. I started Yoga because I thought it would make a cool party trick to be able twist into a pretzel. Girls would think I’m fancy and extra cute! Ten years later...!

According to my sources (which I mostly swiped from a Yoga Journal survey taken in 2008‘) around 50% of the above mentioned folks started performing yoga to improve overall health.

Not only do many Western type doctors recommend not eating triple bacon Cheeseburgers deep fried in-between two donuts like a sweet delicious, greasy bun, they are also recommending, get this, meditation and Yoga as a way to stay healthy, happy and holy. Well, the first two anyhow! That is Suh-weeeeter than
any donuts I’ve ever eaten!

Yoga includes everything! Do Yoga and be complete!

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