Wednesday, April 20, 2011

A full day of work, work and more work

I woke up with only a smidge of a headache this morning which was a definite improvement over the last two weeks of having a headache every single day upon waking.  It was worst in Tahoe, since even that slight altitude makes my head pound.  I don't remember having this problem earlier in my life, but I can scarcely remember the earlier part of my life anyway, so I could be wrong.

But by the time if got to be 8am, I was really conflicted - go to work or stay home, and stay home won out.  It's good to have paid time-off, paid sick time, and even better to access it when you need it.  It's not like I was contagious, just generally feeling funky, and also overwhelmed by the amount of stuff on my home To Do list. [Problem is the work To Do list probably only got longer in my absence, but I am picking my battles.]

As a result I literally spent from 8:30 this morning until just now -- 4:45 -- working through an enormous stack of work for the family business, a couple-of-months-old back-up that was really bothering me, waking me up in the middle of the night, and just generally contributing to an overall sense of unease.  No good!

But the truth is that to stay on top of everything in my life -- not just my own little pet projects, and yoga, and reading and writing -- but to be the Business Manager of our life and the same for our business, means that I need AT LEAST one full week-day a month to plow through the work and have enough time to plan ahead.  I really can't accomplish this by devoting time on the weekends and in the evenings after work, which always seems like a sacrifice where taking a whole week-day to do it seems like a treat.  Hunh, wonder which one is the right choice?

Of course I feel moderately guilty that I was home working instead of at work working, but truly as funky as I did feel throughout the day, I would have been pretty miserable at work.

Funky but productive, when all is said and done, looking back from the vantage point of 5pm on how diminished the piles are at the end of this day.

It went by so fast though.  I can't believe that any minute Joe will be home from work, and the whole dinner operation will begin.  Wait: didn't I just wake up?

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