Sunday, January 22, 2012

day 2: i signed up for this

It's Morning #2 of the 7-day cleanse I'm doing, and may I just say I am feeling super-weird. Day 1 was easier than I expected, especially since I had that Board meeting from 8am to 2pm, and some worry in the back of my head that I'd be excusing myself to the toilet every 5 minutes for cleanse-induced reasons. But no, it was completely fine. I didn't feel hungry, really, until around dinner, when the vegetable "soup" I made proved to be entirely unsatisfactory. I think my exact words were, setting down my spoon with finality, "if this is food, I think I'll pass." Yes, clearly this re-set is needed.

So today so far: super-weird. I've had my warm water with lemon and the three cleanse capsules. Now I'm working my way through the smoothie.

Now I know that yesterday's smoothie was delicious because of a mistake I made -- the ground flaxseed I so excitedly purchased on Friday when shopping for provisions also contained dried berries + sugar (yum). I corrected for that yesterday afternoon, and so this morning's sugar-free concoction is not nearly so delectable. I will definitely have to fiddle with the fruit I'm adding, punch it up a bit. Considering I eat my usual breakfast as slowly as possible but still quickly, trying to make it last because it's so good but also greedy to finish, taking 20 minutes to drink half this smoothie gives you some indication of the change in my ways.

In case you're wondering, the "super-weird" I'm feeling is a spacey-ness, a kind of unsettled, not totally comfortable in my skin. It also could be my grieving for toast. I've done the same morning routine for so many years, that it's honestly strange to do anything else. Coffee + toast, and lately toast of the very best bread I've ever found in a supermarket, Dave's Killer Bread, the Seed one, omg so delicious.  I don't like feeling fuzzy, but maybe things will pick up a bit for me this morning when I move on to the next thing on my list: the one cup of coffee I am permitted per day.

So, Day 2, morning: feeling weird. But still totally committed to completing this Cleanse, still totally excited about it, and wondering what I'll do on Day 8.  The first thing that jumps to mind is "eat toast," but that's today.  Let's see how it goes.