Monday, October 5, 2009

Abundance: La Dame Aux Pommes!

We have been savoring the abundance of the life we've made, most recently weighed down (hands and pockets!) by a richness of apples, delicious Gravensteins that have never been better in the almost 13 years we've lived here. With three trees, most years we compost an embarassing amount of fruit - spend hours filling buckets with all of the apples on the ground. But this year we've been much more on top of it, and better able to share this abundant harvest with friends and family.

I am grateful to Tode and Liz who came over this past Saturday and picked a bunch of apples to bake, dehydrate, sauce, can, and to Tode for taking this picture.

So much to love about this shot!

- my awesome ridiculous embroidered apron from Oaxaca, at least four sizes too big for me, but couldn't pass it up because of the peacocks on the pockets. And of course I can't wear the apron without thinking of Peggy, sweet sweet friend Peggy, best travelling companion under the sun, instigator of so much deliciousness and fun.

- the forest of asparagus behind me.

- the apple in my right hand, truly the most perfect beautiful apple the tree has ever made, and my silly manicured sparkly black nails wrapped around the apples in my left.

- my beautiful sleeves!

I sometimes forget, thanks to all of the running around that work requires and now due to the lame bleak misery that cancer drags along in its wake, just how beautiful this life is that Joe and I made. Thank you, thank you, thank you Tode for this very graphic reminder of how full and rich and tasty it all is!


Ian said...

You are a force indeed. Just sending more love, and marveling at how much more you evoke from the world around you in an endless feedback loop.
the biggest of hugs,

Anonymous said...

You are an amazing force who touches and inspires so many. Thank you for the friendly reminder of how lucky we all are. - Ariana