Monday, October 12, 2009

Cycle 1, Day 20: There goes the hair

Joe started looking a little mangy over the weekend, weird little bald spots on the sides of his head mostly, like funny burned velvet or kinda leopard spots. The solution tonight was to just shave it all off. Beats mange! But I think Joe wanted to not lose the hair until after the second chemo, so we're a little ahead of that plan.

It's funny how we poo-poo'ed the impact of losing the hair, just didn't care about it at all, until it started happening. I really don't like it. When I showed him the picture above, Joe just said, "now I'm just an old sick dude." He just said he thinks he'll wear a hat tomorrow. It's weird how sad it makes us both.

Anyway, it's just hair. We'll get over it. Tomorrow Joe goes in for pre-chemo bloodwork, make sure he's tolerating it OK and that we're on track for the next round. We're both dreading it. I tried to make myself feel better about things by making a very organized, super-geeky Lymphomania binder with tabs and sections, etc. It does help to remind me of everything, and keep things where Joe can find them. But mostly, it's dread right now, in the lead-up to Joe feeling sick again, to dose #2 of poison.

All in the interest of continuing to kick the lymphoma's ass, of course. So we're down for it, bald if we have to be.


Mark Spiller said...

Hi Joe and Ariane,

Hadn't had a chance to write yet, but have been following the blog (thanks to Jamsheed), and sending all the positive energy that I can! Whenever I think of you guys, it makes me think of one of my favorite snowcamping memories, the snowball fight on the way back from crocker point, and tackling Joe in the snow... Rest up and recover, so that we can do that again! :D

Take care,

Lisa said...

There's something about the visual difference that's hard, and that the baldness is so associated with cancer. I remember steeling myself for that when Alex was going through chemo. But Joe looks good, and his hair was practically shaved anyway. None of that "old sick dude" crap - got it?

Alex said...

Joe, you are not an "old sick dude". Not in the slightest. Meesa no likey! Power through. I'll be thinking of you non-stop. Non. Stop.

Anonymous said...

Hello dear Joe,
Honey, you're more handsome than one of those movie stars who shave their heads just to be cool. Honest!

Just so you know, our family is all pulling for you with daily prays and positive thoughts. You will get through this, promise.
Auntie Monina