Thursday, October 15, 2009

Cycle 2, Day 2: A pox upon you, hiccups!

Joe's infusion went fine yesterday, definitely faster than the first time. The first drug they administer -- the Rituxin, the targeted therapy for the lymphoma -- took about two hours this time instead of 4 so we were out of there by 2pm yesterday. Nice. Joe's brother Marty visited with Joe for almost the whole time, Hans and Brad stopped by - really pretty sweet. Alex, Lisa and Nicholas brought dinner over, which was an excellent distraction disguised as yummy, easy foodies. All in all, it went fine.

Joe feels weird, not sick, but weird. The damn hiccups came back with a vengeance, including two bouts, each an hour long, in the middle of the night. That is hard to take. Poor Joe went looking for somewhere else to sleep in the house, forgetting that Laurent has moved back in and taken over the couch, so back he came to our room. Uncharacteristically, we overslept - can't say I blame us. Now Joe and Laurent are gone (Laurent drove Joe to work, then took Joe's truck to the city. Did I forget to mention that Laurent's car was hit and run over the weekend and is undrivable? Shit just don't quit!!), and I am here just trying to pick up the pieces of yesterday, move forward into today.

All the pills and shots are lined up for the next few days, so that we don't lose our way. We're braced for Joe to lose his appetite, to start feeling crappy and couch-bound, although his oncologist said yesterday that it's entirely possible that he won't feel worse and worse but rather feel the impact of the infusions less and less. Now that's something to look forward to!


Hilary H said...

That is nuts about Laurent's car. WTF?
Fingers crossed Joe feels the effects less and less.

Jamsheed said...

I agree with the Oncologist's prediction.
Glad that Laurent was not hurt.