Monday, September 20, 2010

delicious morning quiet

I'm sitting outside this morning, 7:35 and we're still in shadow, though mountain peaks around us here at Estes Park, Colorado, are illuminated by sun.  It's quiet, as most people are in Meditation from 7 - 7:45.  Those of us misfit toys who skipped it in favor of breakfast are enjoying the lack of lines, the relative emptiness, a little calm before the bustle of the day.  This is absolutely the right kind of meditation for me, listening to the wind, cup of coffee at hand.  Nice.

We heard elk bugling last night, and I'm delighted by these magpies that are everywhere.

So far, so good.  Happy.  Didn't sleep many winks last night (first night in new bed, always challenging), but Happy to be here and ready for the delights of Day One!

Much love to all my yoga buddies who really, really should be here, too.  Next year people, let's make a point of traveling to this together.


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