Tuesday, September 21, 2010

all of it, all the time, every time

Waiting for Master Class to start this morning, watching people walk in and lay out their mats and belongings, making their little spot for the next three hours.  I love this part.

Reviewing notes with Robyn and thinking about how the challenge of advanced yoga, really, is remembering to do everything, all the time, every time.  So it's not enough to do inner spiral in the back leg.  You have to remember outer spiral, you have think about the transitions, you have to maintain unwavering focus and intention all the time.  Every time.

All of it, all the time, every time.

That's a big commitment, right?  But it's also the joy of it, too, the big fun, the thing that makes it Big and important and interesting enough to keep coming back to.

Oh, how I love Nerdy Yoga Camp!

All of it, all the time, every time.

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