Monday, September 6, 2010

Country Mouse Monday

Today was another amazing country-weekend day.  So much to tell, but instead will just post photos and commentary, get it all up here faster.

First batch of apples in our new dehydrator.  So delicious and easy and did I mention Delicious?  I am looking forward to more of same, especially since the garden is just packed with ripening food and I know we won't be able to eat it all fresh.  How wonderful to be able to save some in this way, eat some summer sunshine in the middle of winter!  I read somewhere recently that we could reduce our carbon footprints so much by eating in season and preserving the rest to eat off-season, instead of shipping, trucking food from all over the planet.  Just doing my part!

uninhabited hives :(
Spent some time with the Ets-Hokin/Elson family this morning, enjoying coffee and breakfast delights while making beeswax candles.  It's been so sad for me to have empty hive boxes -- so nice to send the comb home with Rebecca and Ruby and be able to see it become something else, and something else beautiful at that!

rendered beeswax

lovely ruby
candles in local eggshells

More Country Mouse afternoon activities: turning the compost (Sunchips bag is *still* there though in smaller pieces), starting seeds, and photographing the food to come.  Such a sweet weekend!

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